Sadh Sangat Ji, on this page you can find a list of resources to help further your Sikhi knowledge.

Everythings 13

Everythings13 / Basics of Sikhi has done amazing Seva over the years to help educate Sikhs and non-Sikhs about Sikhism. It is a great service provided by Sangat where we can all learn.

Bhai Sukha Singh Ji

We are blessed at GKMRHK to have Bhai Sukha Singh Ji regularly involved in our weekly Divans. Bhai Sahib has a great wealth of knowledge and helps the Sangat understand the Guru’s Teachings in both English and Punjabi.

Sikhi To The Max

SikhiToTheMax offers us the ability to find almost any Shabad using a variety of methods. It is available to download on both PCs/laptops and mobile devices and provides the most up to date and accurate online database of Gurbani.