GKMRHK is ran entirely by the Sangat. The essence of this allows us all to become closer as a Sangat and be heavily involved in the organisation of the Gurdwara where all our voices can be heard.

Asa Di Vaar

Everyday, Asa Di Vaar is performed at GKMRHK by the Sangat. Our morning program is as follows:
4am – Ramalla and Shastar Seva
5am – Nitnem
6am – Asa Di Vaar
8am – Sehaj Katha


GKMRHK holds two Divans a week, falling on a Wednesday (7pm – 8:30pm) and Saturday (7pm – 9pm). The Gurdwara is open to everyone, regardless of their race, gender, background etc. as the Sikh community views everyone as equal. We do our best to live the life of a Sikh with the message our Guru has given us.

Gurdwara Tours

Sikhism is a religion all about learning. Which is why we offer the opportunity to share and educate others about our religion. We regularly have classes from primary schools come in to the Gurdwara and learn about the fundamentals of Sikhism. Through this, the students gain an invaluable experience from being in this environment and are able to learn hands on. If you would like to bring in a class or generally would like to be educated about Sikhism, please contact gurdwara.seva@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.

Sangat Katha Initiative

Very recently, GKMRHK has gone another step forward in involving the Sangat in the duties at the Gurdwara Sahib. Anyone in the Sangat is invited to share with the rest of the Sangat, Katha of a Shabad of their of choosing. Through this initiative, the Sangat are not only learning what Guru Sahib is telling is through Gurbani, but are blessed with the opportunity to relay this information with the rest of the Sangat in South Shields.

Sunday Seva

The Sangat at South Shields gathers every week from 12pm – 2pm to perform Seva around the Gurdwara Sahib. Seva is the act of Selfless Service in which anyone can partake in. This Seva is done in high spirits across the Gurdwara Sahib and helps us to encourage and engage in Seva in our everyday lives even outside of the Gurdwara Sahib. This programme has been running for more than two years now and from this, we have began growing our own vegetables which we use in the Langar after Divans.

Sunday Simran

The Sangat also gathers weekly to do Simran for an hour every Sunday from 6pm – 7pm. Similarly to our 24/7 Simran programme, this encourages us to dedicate some of our time throughout the week for just Simran. This helps us connect with Waheguru with the Sangat around us and shows us the power of Simran.

Punjabi Class

Every Saturday before Divan (5pm – 7pm), Punjabi class is held for anyone who wishes to attend. We aim to accomodate for everyone of all skill levels. We have been running this course for 5 years now and are able to help all our students.